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12 Google Autocomplete Findings We Learned From Hurricane #Sandy [AFTERMATH]

Read our observations from monitoring Google Autocomplete during hurricane #sandy.

New & Improved Suggester Tool

Check out the new and improved version of Promediacorp Suggester! Take a look at how we’ve made this free tool even better.

How to Optimize Book Jacket Copy

The copy that lives on hardcover book jackets is essentially what gets a customer to buy a book they are browsing in a book store. But how does that book jacket copy translate to the web?

Introducing Suggester™ – Free Google Suggest Keyword Research Tool

Promediacorp Suggester is our free Google Suggest keyword tool. Suggester goes beyond the “top ten list” of Google suggestions to reveal the deep keywords around which Google wants your content optimized.

Explaining Real-time Search to Clients

Everybody's talking about real-time search. And not only to scream and shout about how Google Buzz sucks big time.

Guide to Generating Google SiteLinks

Of all Google’s tweaks to the search engine results page (SERP), perhaps nothing has generated more interest in the SEO community than SiteLinks.

Promediacorp Featured in USA Today

Despite today”s tough times, business owners seem to be keeping all of their advertising eggs in the Google basket. That is, where everyone”s cutting back here and there, faith in the Google Adwords Program remain solid.  USA Today”s shows how many people are still spending with Google, for three main reasons. One, advertising is affordable […]

Are Paid Links Evil? The Debate Between Matt Cutts & The Black Hats

This is a transcript of the live session in San Jose, August 20, 2007. Subject to typographical errors. Are Paid Links Evil? Search engines, especially Google, say don’t do ’em. But some search marketers say paid links work. Are paid links subverting search quality? Or are they simply a fact of life, here to stay? […]

Google gone black!

If you use Google like the rest of the world, and you care about our environment like the rest of the world (minus China and George Bush) you need to check out an innovative Google Co-op called Blackle.  A Google Co-op is a platform that allows anyone to customize their web search experience on Google […]

Google, bring sexy back!

Lots of things can be sexy. A new Porsche, an Upper West Side Condo, a black dress, a well aged scotch. So why is it that when we tried to include the phrase “sexy apartments” in our Google Adword’s 25 character space, we were denied? Just googling “sexy apartments” came up with 2 paid search […]