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Google gone black!

If you use Google like the rest of the world, and you care about our environment like the rest of the world (minus China and George Bush) you need to check out an innovative Google Co-op called Blackle.  A Google Co-op is a platform that allows anyone to customize their web search experience on Google and their own website.

According to the about section of the website, “a given monitor requires more power to display a white (or light) screen than a black (or dark) screen.”  Given the significant number of people using Google as a homepage, the site suggests that such a small difference in our day to day use of Google will have a far reaching impact.  As of today at 12:27am, it as has saved 137,193.129 Watt hours.

Is Blackle just a fad riding the green wave?  It bothers me that Blackle doesn’t integrate Google Universal and I don’t have the option to use the tabs myself to use image, news, or video search.  They deserve props for trying, but are there enough hippies out there to monetize from AdSense revenue? Just another example of the endless opportunities involved with Google Co-ops.

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