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Google, bring sexy back!

Lots of things can be sexy. A new Porsche, an Upper West Side Condo, a black dress, a well aged scotch. So why is it that when we tried to include the phrase “sexy apartments” in our Google Adword’s 25 character space, we were denied?

Just googling “sexy apartments” came up with 2 paid search results. But neither ad used the search term “sexy apartment/s” in their ad space like all good Adwords ads should. I am going to assume this is because their attempts were shut down by Google as ours were.

We just googled “sexy” and all of the paid search results showed up without once using the term “sexy.” And when we googled “sex” absolutely no paid search results come up at all! Funny enough, when I type in “porn” all paid results come up with the bolded search term “porn” in every couple of lines.

So Google, what’s in the game? Sexy can’t be incorporated into my Adwords ad, but “porn” is fine? Who knows, perhaps “pornographic apartments” will help the CTR of our real estate clients.

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