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Add all the tags! Measure all the things!

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a free Google tool that houses marketing, analytics, and conversion tags in one place. Once Google Tag Manager is installed on a website, all tags and pixels are managed within the GTM platform.

Google Tag ManagerBenefits of Google Tag Manager:

  • Cloud-based CMS for ad tracking tags/pixels
  • No more individual requests to add, update, delete tags on each site by marketing and agencies
  • Reduces page load time by making one request to Google, rather than multiple 3rd party sites
  • Can add users and agencies to each ‘container’ to read or write to it
  • Built in templates for Google ad products while extensible enough to add non-Google tags through custom html and javascript

Examples of services GTM supports:

  • Google Products: Analytics; Adwords Conversion Tracking; Adwords Remarketing; DoubleClick Floodlight Counter & Sales; Google Optimize; Google Surveys
  • Non-Google Products: Adroll; LinkedIn; Bing Ads Universal Event Tracking; Quantcast Measure; Twitter; & dozens more!

In addition to tracking marketing pixels, Google Tag Manager is most commonly used for event tracking on a website. For example, rather than having the developer add event tracking code to buttons and forms, this can all be done through the GTM platform. The events are then configured in conjunction with Google Analytics to track user interactions on your site.

So what can Promediacorp Tag Management Specialists do for you?

Google Tag Manager can become increasingly complex depending on how a website is built. Customization is often required to get things tracking properly. Our GTM consulting services include:

  • Google Tag Manager installation
  • Setup or migration of Analytics and marketing tags
  • Event tracking; converting events into goals
  • Custom tag configurations
  • Strategies for website portfolios, international websites
  • Audits of existing tagging implementation
  • Providing developer documentation
  • Best practices guides
  • Training and optimization

Ask us about Adobe Dynamic Tag Management and Tealium implementation.

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