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How To Set Up Customer Match in Adwords for Gmail Ads

Recently Google announced their new Customer Match product. Here I will show you how to use Customer Match to create a Gmail Ad campaign.

Wanted: Search Engine Marketing Specialist (SEM / PPC / Adwords)

We are looking for a highly motivated individual to manage several large SEM / Adwords campaigns on behalf of our clients.

How to Check if Your Adwords Campaign is Boosting Your Amazon Sales

It is no secret that one of the biggest mistakes an online advertiser can make is to spend money blindly by not having analytics tracking software in place.

Google Enhanced Campaigns: What To Expect

By now most of you have already heard about the new Google Enhanced Campaigns and may have even noticed the changes start to appear in the platform. Here are my two sense.

12 Adwords Tips That Experience Will Teach You

Some things in life are just learned with time and from experience. I’ve compiled a list of 12 Adwords insights learned over the years.

Google Adwords: Multiple Goal Conversions

Though most Adwords accounts are managed with one goal in mind, be it lead gen, sales, or the like, in some cases there are two or more conversions to be tracked. Here’s how to view multiple goal conversions in Google Adwords.

Guide to Generating Google SiteLinks

Of all Google’s tweaks to the search engine results page (SERP), perhaps nothing has generated more interest in the SEO community than SiteLinks.

Promediacorp Featured in USA Today

Despite today”s tough times, business owners seem to be keeping all of their advertising eggs in the Google basket. That is, where everyone”s cutting back here and there, faith in the Google Adwords Program remain solid.  USA Today”s shows how many people are still spending with Google, for three main reasons. One, advertising is affordable […]

Advanced Paid Search Techniques

Advanced Paid Search Techniques How can you best tap into long tail terms? Are there targeting techniques you’re overlooking? This session examines these and other techniques to help you get more out of paid search. Moderator:   Danny Sullivan, Conference Co-Chair, Search Engine Strategies San Jose Speakers:   Jon Kelly, President, SureHits Eduardo Llach, Founder […]

Google, bring sexy back!

Lots of things can be sexy. A new Porsche, an Upper West Side Condo, a black dress, a well aged scotch. So why is it that when we tried to include the phrase “sexy apartments” in our Google Adword’s 25 character space, we were denied? Just googling “sexy apartments” came up with 2 paid search […]