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Promediacorp Featured in USA Today

Despite today”s tough times, business owners seem to be keeping all of their advertising eggs in the Google basket. That is, where everyone”s cutting back here and there, faith in the Google Adwords Program remain solid.  USA Today”s shows how many people are still spending with Google, for three main reasons. One, advertising is affordable – and costs controllable. Two, with search engine usage stronger than ever, ads convert! And three – and this is the most important factor that contributes to the success of Google – the entire advertising process is measurable. You can see which ad creatives are attracting clicks, which keywords are leading to sales, and how much each lead is worth based on the dollars you spend. Anyway, read the article. Avi explains how advertisers have changed their Google Adwords habits based on the weakening economy.

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  1. Awesome article – great to see a genius like Avi recognized in the mainstream press!

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