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Nick Stamoulis Loves the Tail

Nick Stamoulis is a sharp search marketer.  I’ve never met or spoke to the guy, but he certainly knows how to make himself visible using search engine marketing.

As the industry continues to grow exponentially, it’s becoming harder to stand out of the crowd. Nick Stamoulis has figured out a smart and inexpensive way to do so using Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing.

So how does Nick Stamoulis brand himself and make his company known within the space?  Simple. He buys almost every search marketing firm’s name as a keyword, which are mostly “tail keywords”. Tail keywords are keywords that are infrequently searched and priced at about a nickel per click. The keyword set most likely comes from the SEMPO directory or any other site which aggregates search firms. In addition to buying my company name, (Promediacorp), queries for “iCrossing“, “iProspect“, “Acronym Media“, “Bruce Clay“, and other well known firms will all trigger Nick Stamoulis‘s pay-per-click ads.

Now let’s recall the trademark findings of the courts here in the US.  It is legal to bid on any trademarked term, (you can even bid on the keyword “Google” on Adwords). However, organizations can serve the search engines to prevent you from using their trademarked terms in the ads.

What Nick is doing, is perfectly fair game and good strategy.  Let the competitive spirit of the good ‘ole USA live on.

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