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Search Marketing Trends.

Search Marketing Trends is a popular weekly industry publication by Avenue A / Razorfish (the search arm of aQuantive – which was recently acquired by Microsoft for $6.0 billion). The editor is search guru Chris Boggs, a leading voice in the industry and strategist for AA/RZ. Definately worth subscribing to and reading. This week’s issue […]

Better Ways! SEO Techniques Clinic

Better Ways Keyword research. Link building. Page titles. Yawn. You know the fundamentals of SEO cold. Still, no one knows everything. Been wondering if there”s a better way to get something done? Put it to our panel of experts! Moderator: Danny Sullivan, Editor-in-Chief, Search Engine Land Speaker: Alex Bennert, Director of Client Services, Beyond Ink […]

Keynote with Satya Nadella, VP of MSN Search

Danny Sullivan welcomes the new man in charge of MSN search, and revamping the product. He is a 15 year Microsoft veteran. Satya Nadella: Microsoft is working on lots of innovation in the search space, and is proud of the search team. Says much of the search technology is being developed in Silicon Valley and […]

Inside the Auction Blackbox – PPC in Quality Score World

Jeff Rohrs of Exact Target is moderating – certian things have not changed in paid search. The big difference today is quality score. Jessie Strichiolla is not here due to illness. Jonah Stein is filling in. Dan Sundgren – Efficient Frontier Understanding the quality score mentality. Google is successful because they are obsessed with user […]

SEO, Meet Social Media Marketing

Danny Sullivan moderates. Speakers are Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz, Todd Malicoat – independent consultant, Neil Patel of ACS, and Cindy Krum of Blue Moon. What does it have to do with SEO? Danny asks. Rand Fishkin is up. This is advanced material he says. It’s the lifeblood of acquiring links and getting traffic. Social media […]

Stranded in Vegas enroute SMX Seattle

A small rain shower caused my US Air flight to be delayed 3 hours. I missed my connection and will be arriving in Seattle at noon. Bummer, I will be missing the first few hours of SMX Seattle. No worries, the team at SERoundtable will do a great job covering the sessions I will miss. […]

Destination Search Marketing Expo, Seattle

Sitting at JFK Airport. My US Air flight is delayed an hour and half. Filled with excitement and anticipation to attend the most kick ass search marketing conference to date – Search Marketing Expo Advanced in Seattle. This is also the first time I will be blogging a search conference. That is if I ever […]