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Introducing Page Sort, a Free Social Intelligence Tool

We’re introducing Page Sort to the world wide web. As you can infer, it allows you to sort web pages by social influence from highest to lowest. Page Sort identifies the top 20 most social shared links on a domain. Allowing you to sort pages by the number of Facebook Likes, Twitter Tweets, Pinterest Pins, LinkedIn shares, Google Pluses, or total social shares, it’s a great way to find engagement across your or your competition’s website. We made it mobile friendly as well, so you can use it on your phone or tablet without distorting the page.

Try it – Type in Apple or
Notice that the most popular pages are the homepage, followed by iPadiPhoneMaciTunes and so on. It’s surprising that the iPad outranks all the rest, but according to crowd, that’s what it wants to share.  Let us know if you find any interesting trends for other sites across the web.


  • Popular content discovery: What’s the most popular product, category, blog post, or page on a website?
  • Competitor analysis: How does your social share count stack up against your competition? Identify the social channels where they have that extra edge.
  • SEO/Social Diagnostics: Are your website share stats accurate? Are they being split up among multiple URLs? Example ( and

Trends we discovered with Page Sort:

  • Costco’s funeral page is the most popular category on the site
  • Music is the most popular section on the Pirate Bay
  • The New York Times travel section is by far the most popular
  • Uggs are the most popular shoes at Victoria’s Secret (who knew they even sold Uggs!)

We are working on some cool new features such as the ability to crawl an entire domain and export it as a CSV for a more in depth analysis or combination with other data sources.

Do you have any interesting uses or case studies for Page Sort that you would like to share? And of course, your feedback to improve the tool is more than welcome!

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