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Weekly Linkies: I Like Turtles Edition

Welcome one and all to the second edition of our Weekly Linkies blog post series! We utilize this post to act as super cool and sarcastic content curators. Bring me your poor, your weak, your too tired to read through all 1,000+ unread items in your Google or RSS reader. We’ll do that work for you. As with last week, liking turtles has nothing to do with the content of this post, but the reference is quite comical. Also, just for additional unrelated trivial trivia, ‘I Like Turtles‘ is in fact a real mix by music producer Diplo. Now on with the show!

The New Facebook Knows EVERYTHING About You

Remember when you were in your sophomore year of college? Now think a little more¬†critically: Do you remember hollering at your sophomore crush with the best Fresh Prince of Bel Air lines available? Yes, you remember those shameful moments. Well fret no more! Facebook has just made all of these entertaining conversations, and thousands more, available to EVERYONE thanks to the site’s new update! Allow for Read Write Web to expand upon how this update may affect you.

Relationship Problems: Noindex and You

Accidents happen. We’ve all said something we didn’t mean, messed up on a big project, mistakenly called out girlfriends by the wrong name. You know, stuff that happens to everyone. Well what happens when you make the mistake of noindex-ing all of your website’s pages? Well, aside from potentially being fired by your enraged boss, you’ll definitely fall down the slippery slope of Google’s search results into relative obscurity. Kiss your organic search results goodbye. There is a chance at redemption, though. Chad Burgess take you from the depths of search hell back to the good graces of your employer and/or clients, with relative and suave ease.

R.I.P. Bing & It’s Investors Wallets

$1 billion per quarter. $462,962 an hour. $7,716 a minute. That’s how much Microsoft’s search engine Bing is losing per quarter. Investors, run for cover.¬†Larry Page and Sergey Brin are somewhere laughing on top of a mountain that which they own.

Only Built For Cuban Links

All links are not made equal. There’s more to links than meet the eye. Links are deeper than rap. Thus, you must follow this simple, straightforward beginners guide to help formulate a quality link that drive relevant visitors. The last thing a website dedicated to a Tea Party candidate would want is to attract visitors attempting to view information on Barack Obama. That’s just counterproductive.

As a parting gift, enjoy the inspiration for this particular post, specifically the title. Classic material.

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