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Twitter Connections

A subtle change has come to Twitter today. It may go widely unnoticed considering many Twitter users still use apps to engage on the information network. However, it is likely a step in the right direction. With its newfound revenue stream derived from various promoted Twitter concepts, onsite Traffic may become a growing concern for them.

The change is called “Connections”. It’s a replacement for what was previously shown as “You both follow…” which would appear on the profiles of other users, establishing your shared social nodes with the tweeter. This change makes the feature more prominent, giving it prime real estate below the user’s stats.

Twitter Connections

Great people, all

As with Facebook’s mutual friends or seeing which of your friends have liked a given web page, this should have the effect of increasing trust on the site for users with shared connections. It also makes Twitter’s social graph much more apparent. This is an area where Facebook dominates, but Twitter seems to be catching up slowly. Though, as many would agree, Facebook and Twitter are not competitors nor offering the same service. However, on the modern Web there are certain concepts now becoming standard, and the biggest is social.

It looks like Twitter may start embracing its social side a lot more, which is important in an ever-changing virtual landscape. Becoming irrelevant is all too easy these days, and failing to realize and adhere to users’ expectations is a sure way to head in that direction.

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