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Avi Wilensky on Advanced Tactics for Promoting YouTube Videos

Promediacorp CEO and founder, Avi Wilensky, will be speaking at SMX Advanced London on Tuesday. He’ll be participating as both a presenter and a panelist in the Advanced Tactics For Promoting YouTube Videos” session at 10:45am.

The timing of this panel couldn’t be better, as YouTube celebrated its 5th birthday on Monday by announcing that it has passed the two billion views per day mark. The ever-increasing popularity of YouTube with both viewers and content producers, combined with new features like live broadcasts and paid rentals, means that YouTube may be finally approaching an extremely important milestone: profitability.

According to analysts cited by the New York Times, YouTube may finally break even this year after five years of losses.

But really, who cares if YouTube makes money (unless you’re an employee)? What we all want is more money in our own wallets…

That’s why Avi will be talking about YouTube Monetization Opportunities: inVideo Adsense, the Partner Watch Program, streaming rentals, promoted videos, viral videos and more. And if you heard Avi speak last year about the “Do The Jingle” campaign, then you know that Avi is not a speaker you want to miss!

After SMX Advanced London wraps up, Avi’s presentation will be posted here for download, so make sure to check back in. Hope to see you in London!

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