IRS-free audits

IRS-free audits

SEO audits are beneficial to you (unlike tax audits)!

  • Confused as to why you’re being told to nofollow or noindex?
  • Don’t know the difference between a 301 and 307 redirect?
  • Is metadata too meta for you to comprehend?
With a decade of domination in the field of search marketing, and hundreds of audits under our belts, we can assist you with any of your search needs – no matter how complex.

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Our clientele ranges from boutique brands to Fortune 500 companies that range from MTV to Menupages. Regardless of the size of the organization or budget for the project at hand, we provide an equal amount of attention to detail for all of our clients.


From E-commerce to landing pages, we specialize in all internet marketing tasks, no matter how small or large the workload. We understand that every client comes with issues that are unique to them. Knowing this, we provide bespoke solutions that are tailor made for each individual or company. No copy-pasting allowed.